The right tools

AgSphere gives agricultural equipment manufacturers the tools necessary to quickly and efficiently deliver web connected products. Here are just a few of the advantages a manufacturer can realize from a web connected solution:
  • Increase customer retention through features which deepen that connection
  • Generate recurring revenue from software subscriptions
  • Become a player, rather than an observer, in the precision agriculture movement

The right skills

A web enabled solution requires much more than capturing raw data. AgSphere's experience managing large scale web platforms can have you looking like an expert from day one. Here are some things to consider when assessing your options.

  • Does the team you're working with have several years
    of experience deploying large scale, web based software platforms with a telemetry/M2M focus?
  • Is the option you're considering ready to go today,
    or is it still just a concept?
  • How will the platform handle issues like account management and billing, backing up massive data sets, implementing
    disaster recovery plans, and maintaining high levels of security?

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The right partner

AgSphere can help take your products to the next level. Here's what we can offer you today.

  • Rapid prototyping abilities that allow us to go from the back of a napkin to a working prototype in a few weeks or less, reducing your development costs and time to market
  • A fully customizable web interface that lets you deliver an experience specific to the needs of your product and customers
  • A focus on agriculture which helps us understand the unique challenges in delivering new technology to the farm.